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Offering Junk Removal and Landscaping Service in Junction City, KS, Manhattan, KS and every community in between!

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Junk Removal

At AJ’s Helping Hands, we take great pride in keeping our client’s property freshly landscaped and ready for visitors! Our landscaping Manhattan KS service is highly rated and our team of trained landscaping professionals work diligently to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether you’re a property manager and that landscaping has simply gotten out of hand and you need to get the property to a presentable level, or you are a homeowner who simply values your time and wants to keep their property looking great while enjoying your weekends without the hassle of daunting yard work, we are here to help! We know you are tired of looking at that flower bed that’s full of weeds and you’re mulch or rock beds need some freshening up and the thought of spending your free time is just overwhelming.  Some examples of our landscaping service include tree and shrub pruning, spring and regular cleaning of landscapes, mulch bed top-dressing, and more!

To get your free estimate today, visit our Contact Us page and let us help you get that property looking like the best in your area!

AJ’s Helping Hands can handle any of your junk removal needs! In fact, junk is our bread and butter. You may be wondering what we take and to make it we remove it all with the exception of hazardous materials. In addition to removing the junk, we focus on being a responsible community partner and work to recycle as many items as possible. When you’re in need of company that offers recycling Junction City KS look no further that AJ’s Helping Hands! Our junk removal services aren’t limited to homeowners, we offer both residential and commercial junk removal. So whether you manage a property that needs regular bulk item pick up or a homeowner who just can’t stand to look at that pile of junk any more, we’re here to help! AJ’s Helping Hands is willing and at the ready to help. Some examples of our junk removal service includes furniture removal, carpet removal, appliance removal, electronics removal / recycling, and much more! 

Getting a free estimate is easy! Visit our Contact Us page and let us help you become junk free!

How Do We Do It?

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AJ’s Helping Hands focuses on providing you with a quick and simple  junk removal or landscaping experience from beginning to end. Step (1) in the process is to get in contact with us so that we can provide you with a free estimate! We make it simple. All you need to do is call or text us at (941) 626-3221 or visit our Contact Us page to fill out a contact form so that we can schedule a time to come by and take a look at your project and get the ball moving toward reclaiming your space or yard!

After speaking with one of our friendly team members we will evaluate the junk removal or landscaping project in one of two ways 1) By coming on site and looking at the junk you need removed or yard you need landscaped.2) By looking at the photos you send to us via text or email. Upon reviewing project details, we will provide you with a free junk removal or landscaping project estimate! If you decide to proceed with our service, the team will work with you to set up a service date and time that works for you!

You’ve made the call, scheduled the service, and now you’ve made it to the easiest step in the process… kick up your feet and relax! Our friendly and trained team members will arrive on the specific day and time we agreed upon to get to work! Once we’ve completed your junk removal or landscaping service we’ll simply confirm that you are satisfied with what you see, collect payment in the form of cash, check, or card and be on our way to make serve our next customer!

Who Are We?

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AJ’s Helping Hands is a fully insured, local / veteran owned Junk Removal and Landscape service company based out of Junction City, KS and serving the entire area to include Manhattan, KS and everywhere in between. Because we are locally owned we offer a much more personalized and unique junk removal experience. With us, you’ll get real people who care about their customers and aren’t afraid of a hard days work. Whether it be a junk removal or landscaping project, our values with shine through. We’ll remove that junk, haul it away, and dispose of the items properly, or we’ll get the flower bed or shrubbery looking fresh and new for the season to come. AJ’s Helping Hands is set on becoming your first choice for all of your junk removal and landscaping service needs both now and in the future. We look forward to  serving you!

At AJ’s Helping hands we understand the value of community and take great pride in providing our services to all of the communities on our service area. Central Kansas is an underrated part of the nation and one that is beautiful and deserves a service company centered on keeping the lawns in our area looking great and properties free of junk! Clean and environmentally consciousness starts at the local level and we take great pride in being an eco-responsible organization. After we remove your junk items or lawn debris we don’t simply take them to the landfill to dispose. We separate and sort as many items as possible to ensure we can recycled, repurposed, or reuse them if possible. If any items don’t fall into these categories we then dispose of them properly. We are experienced in the junk removal and landscaping industries but above all we are else professional and are dedicated to making our a little more beautiful each day!

We are committed to providing the highest level of junk removal and landscaping services that can be found in our area. We remove a large number of junk items from single items, to curbside removal, to large properties and commercial building cleanouts. There is no job too big or small for AJ’s Helping Hands. In addition our landscaping services are offered to both residential and commercial clients. We are a Local / Veteran owned business and as such offer a friendly and highly professional service. We put our best foot forward on each project we work on and work to make our junk removal and landscaping process  as simple as possible for our customers so that they can maximize their free time and let us do the dirty work!  When it comes to your junk removal or landscaping needs we have the skill and brawn to knock out any project you need tackled! Meeting expectations is our standard and we cannot wait to meet you and get to work!

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  • We do all of the dirty work and heavy lifting so that you can spend your valuable time in a way that you want to!

  • We are a local / veteran owned business who takes pride in the local community. We are Not a franchise!

  • We have a reputation for providing the best junk removal and landscaping service in the area!

  • All of our reviews are 5-stars!

  • We are trained and insured, and our team is committed to handling your junk removal or landscaping needs with care while delivering the results you expect!

  • We are an eco-friendly choice!

  • We treat every customer like family and work to build lasting relationships with them in hopes to serve them for many years to come!